Spray Adhesive: What it is and how to used it

Sep 04, 2021


Spray adhesives are versatile, strong, and easy to use.

Need to paste it quickly and easily with minimal trouble? Whether you use metal, plastic, fabric, wood or almost any common household material, choosing spray glue can make repairs easy. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to help you choose the best spray glue for your project.

●  What is spray glue?
●  What is the use of spray glue?
●  What types of spray glue are there?
●  How to use spray glue?

●  What are the precautions?

What is Spray Glue?

spray adhesive is also called hand spray glue, usually composed of aerosol cans, aerosol valves, adhesives and propellants. It is a kind of aerosol adhesive that is convenient to spray after the adhesive is processed by scientific methods and filled with high pressure. It is a new type of industrial adhesive, which is widely used in industry and production.

What is the use of spray glue?

Spray glue is ideal for a wide range of applications. They are usually used for construction and decoration, handicrafts and art projects, furniture interiors, and repair leather or fabrics.

Some spray adhesives are repositionable and can be placed in detail. Check the manufacturer's instructions to find out if you are one of them. Most spray-drying is transparent, will not ooze or cause wrinkles, form invisible bonds, and retain the original appearance. Easy to apply, no need for troublesome multi-layer coatings, ensuring strong adhesion without increasing drying time

Spray glue can be used to bond wood, metal, acrylic, foam, fabric, cardboard, leather, cork board, glass, foil, rubber and many plastics. It is not recommended to expose certain spray adhesives to high temperature or high humidity, so please read the instructions before use.

What types of spray glue are there?

Spray glue has a variety of strengths and can provide a range of adhesion levels customized for specific projects.

For common use and crafting , a general-purpose spray glue can be the perfect choice, such as Sprayidea 42 repositionable mounting spray. With superior strength, it dries clear and clean and won’t yellow with age, making it ideal for non-load-bearing household fixes and projects. It’s best for indoor use, though, as UV or sun exposure will cause yellowing.


Need a spray with a bit more hold? Look for a designated high-performance spray glue to get the job done, such as Sprayidea 31 Hi-strength spray adhesive. Its superior bonding strength works effectively on bonding most household materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, foam, fabric, glass, and most plastics.


More intensive needs, such as indoor/outdoor bonding of heavier materials like upholstery, carpeting, and trim, or bonds exposed to high temperatures, require another easy-to-use adhesive, Sprayidea Sponge spray adhesive is a good choice.


There is also a need for temporary bonding to use in embroidery and screen printing, temporarily bonding lining to the back of clothing and hold appliques to fabric prior to sewing or embroidery. Sprayidea embroidery and screen printing Spray adhesive are specially designed for this.

How to use spray glue?

1. Keep the surface clean and operate in a dry and free of oil, dust and water;

2. Please shake well before use to achieve the best effect;

3. The glue is sprayed evenly at a distance of 20-30cm from the bonding surface;

4. After use, turn the spray can upside down and spray down for about 2-3 seconds to remove the remaining glue from the                  nozzle and avoid clogging of the nozzle.

What are the precautions?

1. This product is pressurized and packaged, and it is explosive at high temperature. Pay attention to ventilation in the working             environment, and try to avoid contact between materials and skin during use;

2. Store in a ventilated, dark, cool and dry place;

3. Do not store above 49℃, it is recommended to store below 30℃;

4. Please place it in a place out of reach of children, and spray out the glue before discarding;

5. If the glue contacts the skin or eyes, please wash with clean water. In severe cases, please seek medical attention immediately.

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