The Best Spray Adhesives for various materials

Nov 13, 2021

spray adhesive is also called hand spray glue. It usually consists of aerosol cans, aerosol valves, adhesives and propellants. It is a kind of aerosol adhesive that is processed by scientific methods and filled with high pressure to facilitate spraying. It is a new type of industrial adhesive, which is widely used in industry and production.

1. Sprayidea 31 All purpose spray adhesive

Do you need a special spray adhesive for various materials? Applied to Construction and decoration industry, suitable for adhering aluminum panels, fireproof cloth, plywood, carpets, original wood, etc. Our products have wide and safe applications,strong and permenant bonding, large spraying coverage, good elasticity and impact resistance, Excellent heat and age resistance, adjustable noozle, no-toxic, low odor, and is environmentally friendly and efficient.

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1. Sprayidea 92 Industrial Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

Do you need a adhesive spray for various lightweight materials? It is suitable for bonding all kinds of light materials such as paper, fabric, foam, plastic, etc. And can repeat positioning for a long time. Especially in composites applications. Our products have wide and safe applications, Spraying coverage is 2 times larger than similar products, 2 different nozzles to meet various requirements, no-toxic, eco-friendly.

Buy : Sprayidea 92 Industrial Multipurpose Spray Adhesive

3. Sprayidea Embroidery Spray adhesive

Do you need a special temporary spray adhesive for all kinds of fabrics? It is specially designed to embroidery, suitable for white fabric, non-staining and no gumming up the needles. It have passed the quality inspection of SGS standard, suitable for appliques, quilting, and some handicraft.Long operation time, cost-effective.

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4. Sprayidea Heavy Duty Headliner Spray Adhesive

This spray glue suitable for bonding numerous automotive, marine, and industrial materials, inclding foam backed headliners, fabrics, rubber, plastics, and so on. Our products have wide and safe applications, can withstand high temperature up to 120℃,not easy to degum, adjustable spray pattern, no-toxic, low odor.

Buy : Sprayidea Heavy Duty Headliner Spray Adhesive

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